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USU summer program is hosted by World Film Institute ( and Wordour studios Hollywood ( Copyright © 2019 USU All Rights Reserved 美国环球教育学院 (USU)保留最终解释权。美国环球教育学院的名校游学夏令营活动由:世界电影学会,好莱坞华都影业i集团,联合主办

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We are currently receiving a large volume of inquires and correspondence, but we will work as expediently as possible to response you. Thank you for your patience!

Lisa Klein  丽萨. 克莱
Director of Admission 招生总监
USU Admission Office 招生办公室
USUniversal Education Academy美國環球教育學院

邮信接收地址:1801 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067 USA
中文咨询 +1 (213) 293- 五 六 六 六

US Universal Education Academy 美国环球教育学院

1801 Century Park E, Los Angeles, California 90067, United States

818 - 797 - Five Six Six Six

Business Hours 工作时间

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: Closed
Time Zone: Pacific Cost Time

周一 至 周五 上午9点 - 下午5点
时区:美国太平洋西海岸时区 (洛杉矶时间)