Week 1 Courses 第一周课程

Business/Entrepreneurship and Career Training 商学教育和企业家培训


Week 1: July 16-22 Educational and Cultural Activities

第一星期 7/17- 7/22 教育和文化活动

Students spend the first week learning about America and California, its history, lifestyle, politics, language, values and culture while also exploring famous and popular sites and visiting other top universities.

学生在校的第一个星期将学习美国加州的历史,生活方式,政治,价值观和文化。 参观著名景区,并参观美国名列前茅的大学。

Modern Classrooms 现代化教学大楼


Students Transportation 学生交通


Week 2 Courses 第二周课程

Week 2: July 23-29 Topics Covered: Principles of Entrepreneurship 第二个星期 7/23- 7/29 授课的题目:


Week 2: July 23-29 Topics Covered: Principles of Entrepreneurship
第二个星期 7/23- 7/29 授课的题目: 基础创业学

During the second week, international students are joined on campus with students from across America. Working and living together, they learn the fundamentals of business, leadership and global commerce. University professors teach students real-world entrepreneurship, best business practices, and "how to" start and launch their own business. 

在校园的第二个星期, 国际学生将和美国学生一起生活与学习,并且一起研习企业家领导能力,自由竞争原则与国际商业知识要点国际商业知识要点, 和”如何”创办自己的企业. 学生将被分配到青少年组进行策划,每组3到4人。

Citi Business Plan Competition and $1,500 prize 商业策划比赛可获得1500美金


Students, in groups of four, work together as entrepreneur teams preparing start-up business plans for their own real businesses. Each team presents their PowerPoint(PPT) business plan in eight minutes to a panel of business owners/entrepreneur judges. The team with the best start-up business plan wins $1,500 (USD) in the Citibank Business Plan Competition.
学生们将以小组竞赛的模式进行比拼, 每组要以PP的形式向由 企业家组成的裁判团讲述自己的商业计划, 时间 8分钟. 在课程最后一天的商业计划大赛上,获得最佳的小组将获得1500美金奖学金。

Certificate of Completion and 3 College Credits 结业证书和 3 个大学学分


With the successful completion of the Academy, students receive an official University “Certificate in Entrepreneurship.”

Additionally, students can earn 3 units of US College credits, from the University of Iowa after passing a one-hour examination.
顺利完成美国环球教育学院(USU)课程的学生将获得由USU与合作大学颁发的”企业家证书”, 此外, 在完成一个小时的考试后, 学生将获得美国大学认可3 个学分。